BMO is a little “spaced out” with their error messages

I was attempting to send a money transfer to a friend of mine.

If you’ve ever sent an Interac e-transfer, you’ll know that you need to create a question/answer combo. I decided to use something that Chris and I enjoyed on one of our road trips – deep fried cheese curds from the Blue Door Pub in St. Paul, MN.

When you start typing in your secret answer, the form does some inline validation.

It says “the security response must contain at least three numbers and/or letters.”

BMO's Interact transfer security question and answer fields

Last time I checked, “deep fried” contains at least three numbers and/or letters.

What they actually mean is that you can’t use any special characters at all (well, except for a hyphen, which I just discovered through trial and error).

That’s a bad error message!

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