Escaping the Amazon… or Unsubscribing, Anyway.

I wanted to stop getting Amazon’s “General Offers” emails. I clicked the “Unsubscribe” link in the email and was taken to a page that showed me this:


First of all, if you read the second paragraph it talks about clicking a “Confirm” button. There was no “Confirm” button on the page (there was an “Unsubscribe from all” options farther down the page).

But more confusingly, should I uncheck that check box? I guess so, since the button is “Unsubscribe” – presumably the ones that I have checked off would be the ones I unsubscribe from.

So I left it checked and clicked “Unsubscribe”. Then I got this:


I guess my settings have been updated? But the content below the notification box is the same – it shows the same email type, still checked off… now I’m confused.

So I unchecked the box, clicked “Unsubscribe” again…


… and got the same thing.


So I still have no idea whether I actually opted out of those emails, though I have to assume so. And I still haven’t received the email confirming my new choices…

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