Just Foul – The Blue Jays Online Shop Requires An Account

I’m a big Toronto Blue Jays fan, and as they have finally made it to the postseason and I have a 9-month old, I’m trying to find an infant jersey.

I checked, the official Blue Jays online store. They do have infant jerseys. At $44.99, they’re a little rich for my blood, but if it wasn’t too much to ship them, I could probably be convinced.

So I added one to my cart. No option to estimate shipping there.

I hit “Checkout” and got this form:

The Blue Jays' online shop requires an account to checkout.

This is all kinds of bad and makes me all kinds of angry.

First of all, you should NEVER require an account to checkout. You’re welcome to suggest I create one as part of a guest checkout, but I can guarantee you that I will not be buying things from enough to warrant having an account.

Secondly, you want me to create an account before I even know how much my order is going to cost? When shipping costs are one of the biggest reasons online shoppers abandon carts, I wonder if this is just adding to that.

Though perhaps this is their way of trying to make me feel more invested, since shipping turned out to be more than $12 once I had registered… I still won’t be buying.

As an aside, I also was unclear what some of the information they’re asking for on this form is. I’m currently away from home, so I wanted to ship the jersey to somewhere else. But is this form asking for my home address (e.g., is this a registration profile or my shipping/billing info?)? I actually had to update my address after registering so that I could get my order shipped to my current address.

Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem like the account creation requirement is there so that they can email market to me – when I updated my address, there was a marketing opt in that was unchecked. We’ll have to see if they do try to market to me anyway…

In the registration confirmation email I got, this was their reasoning behind creating an account: “Through your new account you will be able to check your order status, manage your address book and change your account password.”

Whoop-De-Doo. First of all, I would expect you to email me a shipping confirmation, so I don’t need an account for that. Secondly, I have no interest in having an “address book” (and based on having to update my address, it doesn’t seem like that’s an option anyway). And finally, the only reason I would want to change my account password is because you made me create one in the first place and I’ve lost it because I don’t buy things from your site more than once every time the Jays make the playoffs (which will hopefully be more frequently than every 22 years, but hey, you never know).

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