A Sad State of Affairs for Minted’s Address Book

The online stationery store Minted has the option of entering your addresses to an online address book, to enable printing of your envelopes. Saves me time when sending out mass mailings? Yes please!

There is even the option to upload a file of addresses, but in this case, I just needed to add a few, so used the “add address manually” feature.

At first glance, a tidy little form.

Minted's Address Book Form

I filled out the form in order – standard address stuff. Being a US company, the default country is the US, but that’s an easy fix.

Imagine my distress, then, when I change the country to Canada (the second option in the otherwise alphabetical list of countries, suggesting a high proportion of users are Canadian), the province I had entered was now gone.

Minted's address book form after changing the country to "Canada"

Unfortunately, as the field changed from “State” to “Region”, the data I’d already entered was erased.

Now, besides being rather annoying (now I have to go back and re-enter data… or I might not notice, and then get an error on submit), there are two things that I think are a bit weird about this:

  1. The field name for the zip/postal code is just that: “ZIP/Postal Code”. Why doesn’t it start as just “ZIP Code” and then change to “Postal Code”? Combining those two geo-specific field names doesn’t seem to be a problem.
  2. Why does the US get “State”? Every other country in the list (well, I checked a bunch of them anyway) gets “Region”. This seems like an unnecessary inconvenience for any user who is not in the US.

So they should really do just “State” and “ZIP Code”, with the country chooser above the address fields, which then update to “Province” or “Region” and “Postal Code” when the user changes their country.

Better still would be to just say “State/Province” and not change it at all when the user selects the country. That’d be mint.

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