Size Matters. For Form Fields, That Is.

It’s generally recommended that you design your form so that the fields are all the same size. This makes it look pretty.

Exceptions can be made for things that have a specific size, like zip/postal codes, or those individual phone number boxes.

But there is absolutely no reason to make the field 16 times bigger than it needs to be:

These fields are way too big.

In case you’re wondering, it’s not like the options in these lists span the full width. I checked all of them, and they all looked like this:

The field is way too wide.

Now, I could maybe understand this if the developer who built the form was just being lazy and set the field width to 100% of the container div or something crazy like that.

But if they had done that, then the text fields would not be normal sized:

These fields are normal sized... so why is the drop down so huge?

Oh, and if you look at the first screenshot above, you’ll see that the labels are actually squished into a smaller column and don’t span the same width as the fields (especially noticeable on the “Which products or services are you most likely to buy in the next 12 months?” field).

So I’m baffled. If you built this form, can you explain it to me? And if you’re building a form, please don’t do this.

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