I Am Male. And Now I’m Angry.

I fill out a lot of forms. So I’m pretty good at tabbing through fields, and guessing at what key I should hit to get the right answer from a drop down menu.

For example, when I hit an age field, I’m pretty confident pressing “2” because generally the ranges are 18-24, 25-34, and so on, and I fit into the 25-34 range.

Or when I hit the expiry date for a credit card, if “04” doesn’t work, I’ll try “A” (for April) and then “4” (in case they didn’t include the “0”).

Probably the easiest one to figure out is gender. I am “male”, so I press “m”.

Didn’t work on this form:

What, "male" and "female" was too boring?

Who felt the need to “fancy up” these answers? They just make it harder to fill out the form. Don’t do that.