What matters: what you ask and why.

Users rarely abandon forms because of:

  • Label placement.
  • Field length.
  • What symbol you choose to denote required fields.
  • Where your button is (unless they can’t find it).

But those are the things that best practices often focus on.

Users often abandon forms or provide fake data because of:

  • Questions they don’t understand.
  • Questions they can’t answer.
  • Questions that they perceive as inappropriate or intrusive.
  • Questions or validations that don’t allow them to use their preferred or correct answer.

So while tweaking the layout and design of your forms can have impacts, you should first give some attention to really evaluating everything that you’re asking for. Start by developing a question protocol for each of your forms.

Best practices are guidelines. Understanding them will give you a good place to start.

They are not hard and fast rules.

Always make decisions that are informed by user knowledge, testing, and feedback.

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