When Running a Contest, Don’t Accept Entries From People Who Can’t Enter

I hate finding an awesome sounding contest only to discover I’m not eligible because I’m not American. Well, the tables have turned on this one.

If you read the contest rules (which, by the way, are linked from the bottom of the page and load in the same window, so if you have already entered data and then click to the rules, you might lose what you’ve typed in), only Canadians can enter.

So why, then, is “Other” an option in the Province menu:

Only Canadians can enter... so what is "Other" for?

And for that matter, why are “United States” and “International” options in the Country menu??

Only Canadians can enter this contest...

This appears to be some sort of sneaky lead generation thing, because if you submit the form with US or International information, it happily accepts it and tells you that your entry into the contest has been received. That’s just not true.

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